Book Cover     How to Do a Good Job Better in Health and Social Care
E.W. Ndungu
ISBN: 978-0-9576004-0-9
342 pages

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This book has been written for those who work - or want to work - in care. It is also essential reading for people whose jobs are not exclusively focused around supporting individuals with learning disabilities, but who come into contact with such people as part of their work. For instance, in the sectors of health, education, housing, leisure, employment or libraries and for those working in probation.

It is authoritatively backed by references to relevant works and professional bodies, adhering to National Occupational Standards (NOS), which are the benchmarks of performance. The information in this book is intended to help readers:

    • develop knowledge, skills and understanding;
    • understand what is required for competence in their work role;
    • and develop the ability to reflect on their work practice.

It will also enable them to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable, competent and insightful and that they meet the standards set by the various organisations that have an interest in boosting the skills of the health and social care workforce.

An induction workbook at the end of each chapter acts to engage readers in the subject and tests their understanding and knowledge in daily practice as a means for self-assessment. This is crucial in providing quality services and safe working practice in helping readers become accomplished social care workers.

The aim of the book is to ensure consistency in statutory and mandatory practice, thus allowing staff to transfer from one service provider to another while guaranteeing skills are consistent across the social care workforce.

Book Cover     Care Worker's Handbook
E.W. Ndungu
ISBN: 978-0-9576004-6-1
105 pages

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This Handbook is written specifically to meet the reference needs of care workers while on duty. Written using a clear and accessible style, each chapter offers a definition of the subject and outlines care worker’s requirements. At a glance, you can access everything needed to make quick, informed decisions in a host of everyday support needs. The material has been developed to provide information on working practices and risk control procedures within a care environment.

The handbook is designed to be used as a reference document together with legislation, organisational policies and procedures that include:

• Codes of practice and conduct, standards and guidance relevant to your own role and the roles, responsibilities, accountability and duties of others.

• Legal and organisational requirements on health and safety, equality, diversity and anti -discrimination practice.

This will enable you to work with service users and others to improve your knowledge and skills and address dilemmas and conflicts that you may face in your workplace.

The handbook is referenced and developed from The Skills for Care Standards and relates to residential care for adults with a learning disability and challenging behaviour.

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