About Us

Bettercare Skills Ltd is an accredited independent training consultancy and publisher based in Oxford.

We provide one to one training and support for individuals leading to employment placements via recruitment agencies. As part of this process we gain feedback on employee performance to ensure our training is up to date and in line with the job requirement in health and social care. As part of our training we publish the following books and reference manuals:

How to Do a Good Job Better in Health and Social Care, ISBN: 978-0-9576004-0-9

Care Worker's Handbook, ISBN 978-0-9576004-6-1

We specialise in providing training for staff in the fields of learning disabilities, challenging behaviors and mental health. Our intention is to provide the best person-centred care possible by matching clients with staff who can identify with their care needs, whilst offering the support needed at competitive rates.

At Bettercare Skills Ltd, our priority is to supply highly competent support workers to our clients for their daily support and around the clock care needs. Our programme caters for those seeking employment or those currently looking for a change in career. We provide help and support with:

• Emergency Staff Cover on Short Notice
• Training and skills development
• DBS/CRB applications
• Staff placement and support
• Pre-placement interviews for potential staff
• Work references

As part of our employment support scheme, we work with various local and national organisations to offer training and employment to the local community.